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Grannie Patton

A woman of faith, character and wisdom. She would always said I can help you as long as you help yourself and others. She passed away in 2007 and as we were cleaning out her home two boxes were put into my car one by my cousin Monique, the other by my stepdad Bernard. This is the woman who kept the little pamphlet that came with your medicine and did I tell you she kept all of them so I’m thinking only God knows what’s in these two boxes. I put the boxes in the spare bedroom and as life went on I realized in 2012 oh my God these boxes are still here bracing myself for a box full of stuff I open the box and immediately shouted oh my God. The boxes were filled with her recipes some were handwritten, newspaper clippings, Ebony and Jet magazine recipes. I opened what appeared to be a portfolio and it opened as if I was parting the Red Sea! I kid you not! It opened to her handwritten sour cream pound cake. Did I mention I was one of the granddaughters that loved to watch Grannie in the kitchen baking or should I say loved to lick the goodness off the bowls and spoons. After seeing this I just sat there and cried while thanking my Grannie for this gift.

That same year my husband Alex and daughters Taylor & Kenady bought me a kitchen aid for Christmas. I made the pound cake but it did not turn out I was heartbroken I read and reread the recipe and finally I said duh she never used a bundt pan for her pound cake, she used a loaf pan. Light bulb moment to this day I have 23 of them.

Thank you Grannie Patton for this gift of love


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